Retail Financing



If you have an auto-related expenses but don’t have the funds on hand, an automotive loan can help you get needed repairs and maintenance. Automotive loans can also help you cover damages from an accident. Often with automotive expenses, the payment is due in one lump sum. Without cash on hand or a desire to dip into savings, car owners can secure automotive financing to cover expenses through United Credit.

Personal loans do not require a downpayment like auto loans sometimes do, making them a good option for those with less than perfect credit, who need to repair or improve a vehicle today. United Medical Credit matches car owners with lenders who can help them arrange affordable monthly payments.




Purchasing high-quality appliances can be an investment in your comfort and quality of life at home. Whether it’s a powerful vacuum, versatile blender or easy-to-load dishwasher, new appliances can make a difference. Higher-quality appliances last longer, are easier to use, more effective to use and can shorten the time spent doing chores. Energy-efficient appliances can even save you money in the long run, especially when it comes to appliances like washers and dryers.

With a loan for appliances from United Credit, you are empowered to purchase the high-quality appliances your home needs today, without the wait. Simply fill out our online form and one of our representatives will walk you through connecting with the right lender for your needs. We work with all applicants, including those with less than perfect credit, so you can take advantage of appliances financing and start using high-quality appliances in your home today.



Billiards financing can help people get the game room of their dreams today! After receiving a billiards loan through a lender in United Credit’s network, borrowers make affordable monthly payments towards the cost of the pool table or other billiards purchase. In the meantime, they can start enjoying the fun of owning their own billiards set and playing with friends and family.

Start picking out your dream table, with the perfect cloth, cues, pool balls and table supplies! Even borrowers with less than perfect credit can be matched with a lender in United Credit’s network.



Cycling is a sport that offers so much to the rider. “I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days,” goes one saying about the sport. Those who cyle love cycling, for everything from the health benefits to the opportunity to challenge themselves every day. It’s a sport that either attracts the passionate, or makes them.

It’s no wonder. Cycling is a great way to keep your heart, muscles, lungs and joints in excellent shape. The right equipment makes a big difference to the quality of the ride. When shopping for a new bicycle, cyclists should look at the durability of the frame, materials and weight, and consider the terrain they’ll be on the most. Cycling equipment also needs to hold up to various weather conditions.

A good bike can last years, even decades, with proper maintenance, so it’s important to purchase the best you can afford, as an investment. Cycling financing can make that possible.




Electronics can do more and more these days. We have tablets that convert into laptops, TV’s that go online and digital personal assistants who play us music and manage our calendars. Electronics loans help you get the technology you need, whether you’re purchasing a new computer that can help you get work done quicker or setting up a cutting-edge home theater.

Investing in electronics can be costly, but with the right loan, borrowers can purchase higher quality electronics that are more advanced and durable. These top quality electronics often last longer and need less maintenance than lower quality products, saving consumers time and money in the long run.

Shopping for electronics with less than perfect credit can be frustrating. Many store programs require a great credit score to receive electronics financing. But United Credit has experience working with borrowers with less than perfect credit. We can match a borrower with the right lender in our network and get them started with affordable monthly payments.



Travel can be life-changing. Whether it’s a plane ticket to a friend’s wedding, a flight to an important conference for work or the chance to take a family vacation when the timing is just right, travel loans can deliver memories that will last a lifetime. Travel financing can help you get the best deal on airfare and hotel bookings, since you can take advantage of promotional and seasonal discounts even when you don’t have cash on hand.

Those with less than perfect credit can be worried about receiving travel or event financing, but with United Natonal Credit’s network of lenders, we can match you to the right loan for your unique situation. By making affordable monthly payments, you can act on your important travel plans today. The funds for the loan are disbursed directly to the travel agency.




Let’s be honest: that new weight set or rowing machine isn’t going to do the work for you. Fitness is 100% about what you put into it. But having a home gym or the right equipment can be the key difference in being able to stick to a regimen and falling off it.

Without having to pay gym fees, pack a bag, sit in traffic and pay for gas, you find yourself with more time and money to invest in your health. Fitting working out into your schedule is much easier when you have the right equipment in the comfort of your own home.

Owning your own fitness equipment can be a costly investment, but United Credit can help. With a network of lenders who can offer loans to those with less than perfect credit, United Credit matches borrowers with affordable monthly payments. So why wait to start your fitness adventure? You can fill out an application and get on your way to your fitness goals today!




During your time of loss, the last thing you need is to be worrying about funds for your loved one’s funeral. With funeral financing, you can borrow the funds you need today and pay off the balance through affordable monthly payments. Funeral costs have gone up over the years, and with the average funeral costing in the thousands, a funeral loan can often be the right solution.

United Credit’s network of lenders connects borrowers, including those with less than perfect credit, to a loan for funeral expenses that fits their unique financial situation and budget. Our online application is simple to fill out and the funds are disbursed directly to the funeral home, avoiding any added stress or hassle during an already difficult time. Funeral financing can help families give their loved one the memorial they desire.



Furniture is an investment in the quality, comfort and style of your home. Everyone has their dream project – a perfect living room set, a cozy den or sleek entertainment center. High-quality furniture can be passed down for generations, becoming family heirlooms. It makes a statement about the home and helps create the spaces in which we make memories.

Get the desired furnishings for your home today by applying for furniture financing. Using United Credit’s network of lenders, we pair borrowers to a lender and loan with affordable monthly payments.

We work with borrowers from all financial backgrounds, including those with less than perfect credit. You don’t have to wait to live in your dream home – you can get started today!




What you’re really paying for in a mattress is the quality of your sleep. Poor sleep can leave you feeling tired and sore in the morning. With rest being so important to all parts of our health, from our body’s ability to repair itself to our mental quickness and memory, it’s worth investing in. When you think about it, your mattress is probably the one place that you spend a third of your day, every day. And if you aren’t getting the recommended 8 hours a night, a mattress that fits your personal needs might just be the convincing you need to start getting the right amount of shut-eye.

Mattresses are very individual. Everybody has an individual preference for support, softness and feel of the mattress. To make sure a mattress will be perfectly comfortable for you, it’s important to test it out beforehand. Lying down for ten minutes in the position you usually sleep in will simulate sleeping, so that you can feel out if the mattress has the right firmness for your frame and sleeping style. Once you find the perfect mattress for you, you’re ready to apply for mattress financing.


Musical Instruments

Get the instrument of your dreams today! With musical instrument financing from United Credit, musicians can start practicing and playing on the right instrument for them without waiting. The importance of having the right instrument for regular practice is essential for musicians. As Louis Armstrong said, “If I don’t practice for a day, I know it. If I don’t practice for two days, the critics know it. And if I don’t practice for three days, the public knows it.”

Whether you’re a professional musician looking to upgrade their sound for performances or a parent who wants to provide their child with the huge advantage of early music instruction, United Credit can help you achieve your dreams. We match borrowers with a loan from our network of lenders and make sure you set up affordable monthly payments for their budget.




Sewing & quilting are beautiful hobbies that provide hours of enjoyment and result in lovely keepsakes for you and your friends and family. However, some of the equipment like sewing machines and embroidery machines can be expensive. Without cash on hand, you can secure a sewing & quilting loan from United Credit’s network of lenders. Whether your credit is less than perfect or stellar, we match borrowers with a loan with affordable monthly payments for their budget.

With sewing & quilting financing, that top-of-the-line sewing machine is not out of reach. Start your next project with the best tools available!



Sporting Goods/Outdoors

Hiking. Camping. Kayaking. Fishing. All are favorite American pastimes. The United States is bountiful when it comes to mountains to climb, rivers to paddle, forests to tread and lakes to play in. Our State Park system is second to none, and our Parks get more than 300 million visitors a year. This country offers amazing opportunities for exploring nature and learning new skills. But the right equipment makes a big difference.

Sporting goods and outdoors financing can help people reach their adventure dreams today, with high quality hiking gear, tents, fishing poles, kayaks, camping gear and more. Sporting goods and outdoors loans can also be used for purchasing basketball hoops, protective gear, trampolines and a variety of other sporting equipment.



Wedding Dresses

The special feeling of finding the perfect dress can disappear when you look at the price tag. The average wedding dress in the US costs over $1600. With other wedding costs looming large, some women worry that spending that much, even on the perfect dress, is out of their price range.

With United Credit’s financing for wedding dresses, the perfect dress is never out of reach. We match borrowers with loans for wedding dresses from our network of lenders, for every financial background and budget. Whether you have perfect or less than perfect credit, United Credit’s wedding dress loan will make your dream dress a reality.