At United Credit, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every applicant is guided through the financing process from start to finish with a great deal of care and assistance. We encourage you to provide us with your feedback on your experience and suggestions on how we can further improve our service. Please visit our Contact Us page to share your thoughts. We also encourage our clients to share stories, ask questions and post advice on our Facebook page.

Here is some feedback from satisfied clients:

“If I ever had to leave a message Greg would call me back the same day or the next morning I never waited more than 24 hours for a response. Any time I had to contact Greg at United Medical I always had great customer service and felt confident in my decision to use them for financing my surgery”

— Stacia E.

“I found United Medical Credit when Care Credit turned me down and Matt with United Medical Credit worked with me and was right there every min. When I need to have this loan for my dentist to do all the work I needed to have done ASAP for medical reason and United got it done with in min. And had the money right over to him with in the next day! Thank you Matt and United Medical Credit with a low rate.”

— Deborah Y.

“I would like to take this time to really express my great experience with United Medical Credit. My loan officer, Matt Libman, was informative, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile in creating customized financial solutions to accommodate my circumstances. Although I have faced some credit challenges, United Medical Credit was more than willing to work with me. Thanks again Matt and the United Medical Credit team for your compassion, understanding and willingness to partner with me despite my credit challenges.”

— Cynthia H.

“I approached UHC for financing of eyelid surgery that my insurance refused to cover stating that it was “preventative” or “cosmetic” despite meeting most of the medical criteria. I have had corneal thinning due to meds taken for eye problems that the surgery would have eliminated. Continuing to use the meds could have caused permanent damage and even blindness. I was beside myself and contacted UMC for financing. Greg was wonderful and worked with my surgeon’s office which normally does not accept financing, but due to my special case and the help of UMC they made it happen. I did have complications from surgery and lost part of my cornea, however, we think it was caught early enough that I should make a full recovery. I shudder to think that if I had not had the help of UMC, I would have had to continue meds and probably would have lost my vision. For this reason, I owe UMC a huge debt of gratitude. It’s not always about cosmetic surgery and I believe ultimately this surgery has changed the course of my life.”

— Janine N.

“After being denied and disrespected through CareCredit I decided to look for more options. After searching I stumbled across United Medical Credit and am SO GLAD I did! This company is OUTSTANDING. Not only for a loan company but for any company. They have the best, most personal, and efficient customer service ever! I am so glad I went through them and am so grateful for a company like this. Everything was done with complete diligence and with respect. I will definitely be using them again after this loan is paid! Thanks to you guys for everything you did for me!”

— Kelly M.