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Apply for Fertility & IVF Financing Now

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Family planning is something we take personally. United Credit partners with thousands of businesses across the country, including fertility specialists as well as private adoption agencies who can help you grow your family. Apply for financing in minutes and see how together, we do more.

Thanks to our lending partner network, United Credit can connect you with financing options for a variety of fertility procedures, treatments, and options, including:

Fertility procedures

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Artificial Insemination (AI), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Donor eggs, Surrogacy, Egg freezing, Fertility drugs, Private adoption
Fertility procedures
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Artificial Insemination (AI), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Donor eggs, Surrogacy, Egg freezing, Fertility drugs, Private adoption

How fertility treatment financing works

Easy application
It only takes a few minutes to complete our simple online application

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Access multiple fertility financing options with affordable interest rates and payment terms

Fast approval
You’ll receive a response from our lender network the same business day

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Find a payment plan that fits your needs and your budget

Superior service
Your dedicated support rep will answer all your questions and help you through the entire application process

Secure fertility treatment financing from $500 to $25,000*

  • Simple, fast online application
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Competitive interest rates, including Promotional Financing offers**

*Some applicants may qualify for more. Actual loan amount and terms dependent on credit usage and history.

**Promotional Financing availability and terms vary. Programs may accrue interest during life of the loan, which is payable if loan is not paid in full by promotional period.

Frequently asked questions

For many people, the cost of fertility treatments can be overwhelming. These treatments are expensive and often aren’t covered by medical insurance. United Credit works with a lending partner network that offers payment plan options to fit your needs–and your budget.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to create a loving family. That’s why we’re committed to providing patient solutions which help give you the means to start your family building without compromising your future family’s financial well-being.

In the United States, more than 55,000 women give birth to a baby conceived through assisted reproductive technologies (A.R.T.) every year. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the best-known and most popular ART fertility treatments. It’s also one of the most expensive: the average IVF cycle can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $17,000 (not including medication).

While IVF cost is perhaps the single greatest barrier to seeking fertility treatments, it is by no means the only one. Some reasons people give for not pursuing ART include:

  • Fertility clinics and treatments are expensive.
  • We really want to conceive through natural means
  • I want to be the gestational carrier for my child.
  • I’m scared of using donor eggs. How do I know the egg donor was healthy?
  • We’re worried about the risks involved with fertility drugs.
  • We can’t or don’t want to deal with the potential emotional stresses.
  • I’m concerned about the success rates for the treatment my provider wants me to try.
  • I’m worried the treatment won’t be the right one for my situation.
  • I’m worried I won’t be able to afford the treatment and the baby which results from it.
  • I’m concerned about the ethical or religious implications.
  • It’s easier to adopt.
  • We decided we’d rather remain childless.

There’s no “wrong” reason not to pursue fertility treatments if it’s not the right choice for you, no matter what the reason. Still, there’s no denying that family building with medical assistance can be a stressful experience.

Being unable to conceive naturally, or struggling with fertility issues can be stressful. Not knowing if your treatments are covered or if you can afford them can create added stress. United Credit wants to help alleviate the financial strain of conception, which is why we work with a network of lenders to help you get the fertility treatment financing you need to build your family.

  • Unlike an insurance plan which limits what you can and can’t use it for, you can use your loan to pay for the treatments you and your provider decide will be most effective.
  • Our fast application process means you could have your answer, and financing, in as soon as one business day.
  • Our lending partner network can offer financing options to best meet your needs, with financing from $500-$25,000.

We believe you should have access to the treatments you need from providers you trust. That’s why we’re dedicated to connecting you with patient resources for funding to help you meet your goals without breaking the budget. Click here to start a fertility financing loan application today and see how fast and affordable it can be to start your family!

While prenatal, maternity and postpartum care are typically covered by health insurance, fertility treatments often are not. Some insurance carriers will cover only IVF treatments, but not the drugs required to make IVF work properly. Some companies will cover the attendant drugs, but not infertility treatments, while others won’t cover any fertility treatments for any reason. Check with your health insurance carrier for more information.

Some fertility clinics offer in-house payment plans or third-party financing options. However, these payment plans may carry higher interest rates and APR or shorter loan terms than you’re comfortable with. On the upside, many clinics also offer refund programs for specific treatments, which may be tied to in-house or third-party financing sought through the clinic. For example, an IVF refund program may reimburse you some or all of the cost if you prepay for a given number of cycles of treatment, but get pregnant before you’ve used all the cycles.

We offer installment loans through our lending partners, which allows your providers to be paid in full (If approved for the total amount) promptly while you make affordable payments over time at a pace and rate which fits your needs and budget.

Some clinics and providers allow for installment payments for fertility treatments. However, in these situations, a down payment is usually required, typically 10%-20% of the total cost. The fertility financing loans offered through our lending partner network are installment loans, meaning your provider gets paid in full (If approved for the full amount) and you can pay off the balance on a monthly basis over time. There’s never a penalty for paying ahead and we can help you find a payment plan that works with your budget and lifestyle.

Testimonials from United Credit Customers

Testimonials from United Credit Customers

“Everything was fast and great and my Loan Consultant had excellent customer service. Thanks for everything!” -Gladys D.

“From the time I called to inquire about information, the service was excellent. The process was easy and the representative who assisted me and my husband was great until we received the loan.” -Andria W.

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