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Apply for Dental Financing Now

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What dental financing procedures does United Credit cover?

If your smile needs a boost, we’re here to give you a lift. United Credit partners with thousands of businesses across the country, including cosmetic dentists who help you find your smile. Apply for dental financing in minutes and see how together, we do more.

United Credit offers financing for general, specialty, and cosmetic dental procedures, including:

Dental procedures

Braces or clear aligners, Bridges, Cosmetic dental crowns, Cosmetic teeth shaping (enamel shaping), Gum surgery, Cosmetic tooth bonding, Dentures, Root canals, Cosmetic dental implants, Cosmetic dental veneers, Cosmetic teeth whitening
Dental procedures
Braces or clear aligners, Bridges, Cosmetic dental crowns, Cosmetic teeth shaping (enamel shaping), Gum surgery, Cosmetic tooth bonding, Dentures, Root canals, Cosmetic dental implants, Cosmetic dental veneers, Cosmetic teeth whitening

Regular dental checkups can help keep you healthy. However, dentists report nearly half of adult Americans have untreated periodontal disease and only about 60% of all Americans see a dentist at least once a year. Financial concerns can be one of the reasons many people don’t see the dentist, but we don’t think money should be a barrier to the best smile and health you can achieve. Here are just a few reasons to finance dental procedures:

  • Easier, affordable dentistry financing with monthly payments instead of covering a large out-of-pocket fee all at once
  • More flexibility for you and your families dentistry needs
  • Your dentist gets paid promptly, meaning less stress for you
  • Dental financing offers affordable dental care for everything from a basic checkup to implants and more

How dental financing works

Easy application
It only takes a few minutes to complete our simple online application

More financing options
Access multiple dental financing options with affordable interest rates and payment terms

Fast approval
You’ll receive a response from our lender network the same business day

Affordable financing
Find a payment plan that fits your needs and your budget

Superior service
Your dedicated support rep will answer all your questions and help you through the entire application process

Secure dental financing from $500 to $25,000*

  • Simple, fast online application
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Competitive interest rates, including Promotional Financing offers**

*Some applicants may qualify for more. Actual loan amount and terms dependent on credit usage and history.

**Promotional Financing availability and terms vary. Programs may accrue interest during life of the loan, which is payable if loan is not paid in full by promotional period.

Frequently asked questions

Regular dental checkups and fast action at the first sign of a problem can help prevent more chronic and expensive issues over time. But going to the dentist can be expensive and most insurance plans only cover minor dental care, like cleanings. United Credit can help you and your family keep your teeth strong and healthy by connecting you with affordable dental financing options to help take some of the pain out of your visit!

With proper care, your teeth can last a lifetime. UC works with a wide network of dental providers and third-party lenders to help you find a dental credit plan with loan amounts and monthly payments which are right for you. Start your application today and get your answer, and begin your journey to a better, healthier smile!

For many people, especially those with employer-based dental insurance coverage, their insurance doesn’t cover the costs of major dental procedures or cosmetic dental procedures.

In many cases, insurance policies don’t cover emergency dental care or care that hasn’t received prior approval.

Fortunately, United Credit can help you and your family get the dental care you need by filling the gaps between what your insurance company is willing to cover and the actual expense of the dental visit with installment loans through our lending partner network. We’re here to help you and your family get the dental and medical care you need and deserve, without worrying about how you’re going to afford to live your life in the meantime.

Our network of lenders, dentists, and orthodontic surgeons gives you more control and flexibility over your dental healthcare and allows you more freedom to make the right choices for you and your family’s dental needs.

The average cost of a simple dental office visit can run between around $200 and $1,000, depending on what dental work is being done. Dental procedures like a single implant with abutment and crown can cost as much as $10,000 or more, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. Financing dental procedures through our lending partner network can help you get the support you need with affordable monthly payments that fit your needs and your budget.

Many dentists offer third-party patient financing, some sort of in-house payment plan, or short-term loan services for clinical services. These services are provided at the provider’s discretion. Usually, some form of a down payment is required at the time of service, and if your provider offers patient financing, they will likely check your credit score to make sure you qualify. However, the rate you get through your dentist’s in-house financing may be substantially higher than the rate you could secure elsewhere.

United Credit’s network of healthcare lenders has helped clients with a range of credit ratings secure financing for dental treatments and procedures. Depending upon key elements of your credit history as reported by the credit bureaus, available loan amounts and specific loan terms may be affected. Each lender UC works with is different and may have different criteria for what constitutes good, acceptable, or poor credit. UC is committed to helping you find the right loan from the right financing provider for you.

Depending on just how bad your credit is and what your credit checks show, it’s entirely possible to secure dental financing even if your credit isn’t the best. There are many factors that may impact your ability to obtain installment loans such as dental financing.

Just because you meet one or some of the negative criteria doesn’t mean you’re ineligible for dental financing. It just means you may have to take on payments at a somewhat higher rate than you might have hoped, or have a shorter window to pay back the loan.

Testimonials from United Credit Customers

Testimonials from United Credit Customers

“Everything was fast and great and my Loan Consultant had excellent customer service. Thanks for everything!” -Gladys D.

“From the time I called to inquire about information, the service was excellent. The process was easy and the representative who assisted me and my husband was great until we received the loan.” -Andria W.

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