Home Improvement Financing


Home Automation

Many homeowners see home automation as more than a matter of convenience. Home automation can be an investment in the security and safety of your home. Many devices on the market today allow you to view security footage and monitor your security system remotely. Once the stuff of science fiction, these are becoming standard features that homeowners across America rely on to keep their homes secure.

Home automation devices can also help you save on heating and cooling costs. The U.S. Department of Energy tells us that heating and cooling accounts for almost half of your home’s energy use. By automating your home with a smart thermostat, you can save about 10-12% per year on energy costs.

Home automation loans make it easy to take advantage of the benefits you get from updating your home sooner than later. With home automation financing opening up your options, you can get the best return on installing smart devices.




No homeowner wants to hear “It’ll have to be replaced” when it comes to their home’s HVAC system. For most people the news comes as an unpleasant surprise – it’s no wonder why many homeowners take out loans for HVAC replacement. With new systems costing between $2000 and $15000, HVAC financing is a great option for homeowners.

An HVAC replacement is not all bad news. Homeowners can take this opportunity to upgrade their old system, installing more efficient and convenient HVAC systems. Technology is always improving, and the savings from upgrading to a better system can be substantial. The average HVAC unit lasts 15-25 years. Since heating and cooling costs are about half of the monthly energy bill for US households, smart energy technology is the most effective the sooner you start using it.




Insulation isn’t the most exciting part of your home to update, but the savings can be substantial. By updating your home’s insulation, you can save 20% on heating and cooling costs. Since heating and cooling costs represent about half of your home’s energy costs, insulation can be a key part of making your home more energy efficient and cutting down on your energy bills.

With a home improvement loan, you can afford the best insulation for your unique situation. Loans for insulation replacement can be a great way to start saving on your energy costs while keeping your home interior comfortable in all weather.




Maybe you’re facing an emergency repair. Maybe you want to install a new efficient water heating system. Whatever home repairs or upgrades you need for your home plumbing system, United Credit can help. With affordable monthly payments that fit into your budget, you can get a loan for the amount you need for plumbing financing quickly and easily.

Improvements to your home’s water systems can help you save money in the long run. Water heaters last around 25 years and upgrading can save you up to 50% of your energy costs. When you add it up across years, that level of efficiency can make a real difference.



Pools & Spas

Pools provide a place to exercise, relax and enjoy yourself away from the bustle of daily life. Especially in warmer climates, pools can become a year-round hang-out spot for the family. Installing a pool can also add value to your property and attract more buyers should you ever decide to move.

Most homeowners secure a loan for pool installation because they want to start living out their pool dreams today, without waiting to save the $30,000 it costs on average to install a pool. The same goes for spas, another fantastic way to relax and restore yourself at home. Many homeowners don’t want to wait to start enjoying the benefits of a home spa. With a pool or spa loan, you can start making your dreams a reality today.




Everyone has a dream home. With remodeling financing, you can get started on that dream today. United Credit helps homeowners with their remodeling dreams by financing projects like patios, getting new windows or doors, and replacing roofs and gutters.

Whether the homeowner is making repairs and replacing out-dated systems or designing and bringing to life their ideal living space, United Credit can match homeowners, even those with less than perfect credit, to the right lender. United Credit handles the application process for remodeling financing for home renovation projects, letting homeowners focus on other details of their remodel: picking out new windows, shopping for the right tile or landscaping their yard to perfection.



If you need to replace or repair your roof, costs can be high. The average roof replacement costs between $5,000 – $30,000+, and sometimes more depending on the complexity of the project. Homeowners are not always prepared for these expenses nor do they want to sacrifice savings. Roofing financing is a great way for homeowners to make the roofing repairs needed without cash on hand.

United Credit can help match homeowners with the right lender, even homeowners with less than perfect credit. With unsecured financing, homeowners don’t need to worry about tying the roofing repairs or replacement to their home’s equity. Loans for roofing projects can be disbursed quickly, so homeowners can get the funds they need for emergency repairs right away.




Siding can be costly, but it’s also a great way to improve your home’s market value and personalize the exterior of your home. Installing new siding is about $13000 for vinyl siding (one of the cheaper siding types). And siding removal – which will be needed if your home has old siding that needs to be replaced – costs around $3000.

While siding can be a great investment in your home’s value, it is an expensive project. Not all homeowners have cash on hand, but they may be looking to upgrade the siding on their house and enjoy more durable and energy efficient siding today.

Research by the National Association of Realtors shows that siding projects recoup 75% of their value. That is to say that the siding can greatly improve the look of a house and increase its curb appeal. Investing $12000 with a siding loan can improve the value of a house by $9000, in other words.



Water Filtration

Water filtration system upgrades are not just an investment in your home’s value, they’re an investment in the health of your family. A water filtration loan can help you remove contaminants from your family’s drinking water right away. Clean water is necessary for cooking and cleaning safely. With the right water filtration system loan, homeowners, including those with less than perfect credit, can get the funds they need to install a new water filtration system today.

Bad tastes, chemicals, pollutants and bacteria can be removed from your water so that every drop is great tasting and pure. By installing a water filtration system – instead of just using a handheld water filter – you can make sure that the water you use for showering, watering plants and for your pets’ drinking water is safe and clean. United Credit offers water filtration financing with affordable monthly payments so that homeowners don’t have to wait to get access to high-quality water for their families.



Windows & Doors

Window & door loans help homeowners make the updates to their home’s energy efficiency, security and aesthetic. There are many factors to consider when investing in these core pieces of your home’s exterior: window size, type, hardware and features, and how it will be installed. The same goes for doors, where you’ll want to look at the durability, security features and energy efficiency in some detail before making a final decision.



Other Home Improvement

Some home repairs are planned for, like upgrading water filtration systems or installing energy-efficient windows. Others are unexpected needs, like emergency plumbing or roofing repairs. Either way, homeowners don’t always have the cash on hand to make investments into their home which often run into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

With United Credit, homeowners don’t have to wait. United Credit matches homeowners with home improvement loans from lenders that are right for them. Even homeowners with less than perfect credit can receive a home improvement loan with an affordable monthly payment. Funds are disbursed quickly and directly to the merchant or contractor.