Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does United Medical Credit do?

    We provide financing for patients who are interested in elective procedures. Due to our relationships with several healthcare focused lenders, we can finance the broadest credit profiles in the industry.

  • How is UMC different from other national patient financing companies?

    We work with a variety of lenders to help maximize approval rates for your patients and increase revenue for your practice. Most national providers only offer access to one lending source and if the patient is denied, there is no other alternative. Many of our lenders have their own niche that they specialize in, so the lending source will depend on the type of procedure.

    Moreover, we do not charge enrollment, annual or monthly fees.

  • You say you provide top-notch service, but what does that mean?

    Your practice will have a dedicated United Medical Credit provider relations consultant who will walk your staff through the process and make sure that all questions or concerns are quickly addressed.

  • How much does it cost to enroll in United Medical Credit’s network?

    We have no sign up, enrollment or annual fees. In other words, if your patients do not utilize our financing options, you won’t have to pay anything. There are various “discount tiers” to the provider based on the patients’ credit profile and it is fully up to the provider to determine what discount tiers are acceptable to them.

    While there are a few patient financing companies that claim that they never charge providers any discount fees, they typically only approve patients with the highest credit profiles. We have such programs as well, however, we believe that it should be up to the provider to decide how broad their patient approval rates should be – whether solely patients with the best credit profiles or broader acceptance rates that may require higher provider discounts to account for the higher collection risks.

  • What if my patient is not approved for the full amount of the procedure?

    In this scenario, providers typically request that the patients cover the difference in fees by making a down payment.

  • How do I put up United Medical Credit's banner on my Website?

    Please click HERE for instructions