Home Improvement Financing


Home Automation

Home automation financing can help your customers get the upgrades to their home’s security, heating and cooling systems that they want today, without a wait. With funds disbursed directly to the contractor, home automation loans are a way to expedite the project and get started right away. United Credit connects homeowners, including those with less than perfect credit, to the right lender for their unique situation. Offering your customers home improvement financing options increases sales and helps grow your business.



An HVAC replacement is a great time for a homeowner to upgrade their system and get the very best value for their home. HVAC loans make that possible. HVAC loans are available to those with less than perfect credit through United Credit. We match homeowners with the right lender for their budget and help them secure affordable monthly payments.

There’s no reason that anyone who needs an HVAC replacement can’t upgrade to a more convenient and efficient system that will result in savings for years to come. By providing a wide range of financing options, your business can connect more customers with your HVAC services.



United  Credit helps pair applicants with the right lender for their financial needs. Loans for insulation installment can help a homeowner start saving on their energy bill today. By making affordable monthly payments, homeowners can get the full benefit of more efficient home heating and cooling through insulation financing.

Offering financing can expand your customer base and help you close more sales by offering services to customers who want to pay off a project in installments. United Credit can work with applicants who have less than perfect credit, along with customers who have excellent scores. No one has to wait to start improving their home.



Plumbing projects range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars and not everyone wants to use their savings when home improvement loans are an option. Even with less than perfect credit, homeowners can receive loans for plumbing projects through United Credit’s network of lenders.

Expand your customer base to everyone who wants to use your services! Home improvement loans work well for large plumbing projects when a homeowner doesn’t have cash on hand. A plumbing loan can help homeowners get the funds for unexpected repair needs sent directly to your business. That way, they can pay off the project in installments to the lender, while receiving the plumbing services from your business that they need today.


Pools & Spas

United Credit can help match homeowners with less than perfect credit to lenders. There’s no need for them to put off their pool and spa dreams with the right home improvement financing available to customers from various financial profiles.

With pool and spa financing, homeowners are free to start their project right away. The funds for materials and services are sent directly to the contractor, making it simple to get the work done quickly and efficiently. United Credit handles the application and loan matching process for the customer, freeing you up to focus on other parts of your business.



Remodeling financing helps contractors expedite and complete projects, with the funds needed for the project sent directly to your business. United Credit handles pairing the customer with a lender in their network who can offer a remodeling loan with affordable monthly payments for the customer’s budget.

In short, customers can focus on the upgrades and details of their remodel. Contractors can focus on the design and installation of new home features. Remodeling financing lets businesses reach more customers and provide excellent service, without the wait.



A roofing project is a big purchase for most customers. Even with less than perfect credit, homeowners can receive loans for roofing projects through United Credit’s network of lenders.

Open up your customer base with roofing financing. Roofing loans work well for projects where a homeowner doesn’t have cash on hand or just prefer to pay off the project in installments. A roofing loan can help homeowners get funds for unexpected roof repairs from one of our network of lenders. The funds are sent directly to your business. That way, the homeowner can pay off the project in installments to the lender, while receiving the roofing services that they need from your business today.



United Credit helps homeowners with any financial profile, from great to less-than-perfect credit get the siding financing they need today. When your business offers siding financing, there’s no reason for homeowners to put off their siding projects. The funds are disbursed directly to your business and the homeowner makes affordable monthly payments to the lender, freeing up your business to provide services without any added risk or administrative burden.


Water Filtration

Financing for water filtration systems installment and upgrades is a great way to expand your business’ customer base. By offering financing from a network of lenders, United Credit matches your customers with the right loan for their needs. The funds are sent directly to your business so that you can get started with the water filtration system project today.


Windows & Doors

United Credit helps homeowners get the right window and door financing for their budget, freeing them up to focus on the important details. With affordable monthly payments, there’s no need for homeowners to wait to make desired repairs and replacements to the windows and doors in their home. By offering window & door financing, your business can help more homeowners complete projects and grow your customer base.


Other Home Improvement

This process benefits merchants, who don’t have to take on initial costs like purchasing materials, as the full amount of the home improvement project can be financed upfront. The homeowner is able to make regular monthly payments to the lender, allowing them to get the home improvements they need today.

By not delaying home improvements like upgrading their HVAC system or insulation, homeowners can save on their energy costs for years to come. Other Home Improvement financing options can help homeowners install home automation systems, improve their home’s security and style their living spaces exactly the way they want to.