Retail Financing



Receive payment upfront for auto repairs when you offer financing options to your customers. Flexible installment loans help customers get the funds they need for crucial repairs and upgrades to their vehicles today.

Customers appreciate the opportunity to pay affordable monthly payments toward the balance over time, instead of paying the cost upfront. By partnering with United Credit, merchants can provide their customers with less than perfect credit scores better payment options that fit their situation, so that they can move forward on a schedule that works for them.



Expand your market by offering home appliances financing to your customers! When customers have flexible options for appliance loans, they can purchase the appliances they need today and then pay off the balance in affordable monthly payments.

Businesses who partner with United Credit can connect their customers with appliance financing, including those with less than perfect credit. Customers appreciate the option to pay off purchases on their schedule, and enjoy the expanded purchasing power that an appliance loan provides. Customers can shop for the high-quality appliances they need today, without waiting.


As a billiards supply store, there’s a great advantage in offering financing so that your customers can invest in their dream billiards room: increase your customer satisfaction, take on less administrative work and gain more time to run your business. When customers can borrow the right amount for their project and budget, they can then invest in high-quality products that will bring joy for decades to come.


Close more sales and grow your business by offering flexible financing options to all of your customers. Whether a cyclist is purchasing a bicycle for basic exercise, exploring, joining a community or simply for relaxation, United Credit can pair them with the right lender for their needs. With affordable monthly payments, cycling loans help cyclists get the equipment they want to start using today, without waiting. Financing options empower customers to shop for the things they need and can help your company win that customer’s loyalty for life.



Convert browsers to buyers by offering flexible financing options. Customers receive a loan from United Credit’s network of lenders and can pay back the balance of a purchase over time through affordable monthly payments. Electronics financing options empower customers to make bigger, higher-quality purchases and start enjoying the value of those purchases today. Electronics financing for businesses can increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat business.



Travel financing is a great option for customers who want to travel now and pay the balance off over time. Make their travel dreams a reality and close more sales with travel financing for customers with less than perfect credit or that don’t have cash on hand. The balance of the loan is disbursed directly to the merchant, and the customer pays the balance back in affordable monthly payments to a lender in United Credit’s network. Customers appreciate the freedom to control how and when they pay, and you get paid in full right away. It’s a win-win solution that can open up new markets to your company.



Empower your customers to make the purchases they want today, without waiting. Grow your business with fitness financing options for your customers. United Credit pairs your customer with a lender in our network. We work with all customers, including those with less than perfect credit. United Credit sends the funds for the purchase directly to your business, and the customer pays back the lender in affordable monthly payments over time. The process is quick, simple and profitable.



Funeral financing options can help your clients get the funds for their desired memorial service during their time of need. United Credit connects borrowers to a network of lenders offering loans for funeral expenses. Borrowers, including those with less than perfect credit, are matched with a funeral loan that is right for their financial situation and budget. >

The funds of the loan are sent directly to your business, so that you’re paid in full upfront. Then the borrower makes affordable monthly payments to pay off the balance. Funeral financing can open up a family’s options, so that they can give their loved one the memorial service they desire. Borrowers appreciate the flexibility to pay off the funeral expenses over time and the opportunity to get exactly what they need to commemorate their loved one.


Broaden your market without taking on any risk! United Credit pairs shoppers with less than perfect credit with a lender in our network. The funds for the purchase go directly to the merchant, while the customer makes affordable payments back to the lender over time. This allows the customer to start enjoying their purchase today, without waiting. Customers appreciate the flexibility and opportunity to pay for the purchase on their schedule. Furniture financing can help customers upgrade their furniture and get the best value for their purchase, increasing the revenue per sale for your business.



United Credit can match borrowers with the right loan for their mattress investment. Whether a borrower has great or less than perfect credit, United Credit will pair the borrower with a lender within our network. We help them set up affordable monthly payments that fit their budget.

The funds from the mattress loan are sent directly to the merchant. This allows merchants to offer financing for a range of customers without assuming the risk or administrative burden of managing loans themselves.

Musical Instruments

By working with United Credit’s financial program, you can provide more of your customers with the musical instrument loans they need without assuming the administrative burden or risk of managing loans. Let our experienced staff take care of things for you, so you are free to focus on running your business.

Our network of lenders works with all customers, including those with less than perfect credit. The option of financing empowers these customers to make purchases on their schedule and pay off the purchase over time.



Why choose to offer financing options to your retail customers? Shoppers appreciate the ability to split their purchases up into affordable monthly payments and pay off the balance over time. The increase of flexibility and spending power can help your customers start the sewing and quilting projects they want to start today, without waiting.

Upgrades and accessories can be within reach to all your customers, including those with less than perfect credit, when you tap into sewing and quilting financing from United Credit’s network of lenders. It’s good for shoppers and good for you – a true win-win situation.


Sporting Goods/Outdoors

Expand your customer base and help them reach the adventure of their dreams with financing options for sports goods and outdoor activity equipment. By offering financing to a wide range of financial profiles, a sporting goods store can help customers connect with lenders who offer loans with affordable monthly payments.

United Credit handles the application and matching process, lifting the administrative burden off of the store. You get the full amount of the purchase disbursed to you at the time of purchase. In short, there’s no risk to the merchant and big rewards for customers who want to shop today without the wait.


Wedding Dresses

Close more sales than ever and help your customers reach the dress of their dreams with wedding dress financing options! Customers appreciate the flexibility to pay back the balance to one of United  Credit’s lenders over time in affordable monthly payments. Merchants are paid upfront at the point of sale directly by United Credit. It’s a convenient and simple process that empowers customers to make the purchases they want today.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and will be treasured forever. All customers, including those with less than perfect credit, appreciate options to shop for the right wedding dress to make precious memories in today, without the wait.